About Us

Ray's Fish and Chips Seafood Restaurant first opened in December of 2006 in a small shopping center called Forest City Center on Highway 436 between Altamonte Springs and Apopka, Florida. Within a couple of years, the business quickly outgrew the small space, and Chef Ray and his wife, Ruth, moved the restaurant to a much larger space in the Hunt Club/Apopka area.

The family-style, sit-down atmosphere (30 seats) also takes out and caters with advance notice.

The price points of the menu are structured to provide hearty portions of quality sea food at very reasonable prices. The restaurant strives to develop friendly relations with all customers to insure their comfort and create a clean, warm atmosphere. This warm family atmosphere, coupled with excellent value, insures the counting growth in sales.

Within a few short months of opening under Owner and Chef Ray, the Restaurant was publicly acclaimed by Mr Scott Joseph, Orlando Sentinel Restaurant Critic (article dated May 18, 2007).

We offer ultra-fresh seafood, which means the fish you order tonight-they were swimming last night.

We provide a menu primarily offering ultra-fresh and fresh seafood dishes designed to suit the varied regional tastes of New Englanders, Floridans, and even British and Caribbean Island guests.

We prepare any way you like: broiled, blackened, steamed, pan seared, deep fried, or island style. We also sell fresh fish uncooked.